Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ice Cream for Lunch!?

So after having a strong few days of Easter left-overs, 
(and good wine to go with it…) 
I needed to get back into my healthy outlook. 

Today started great actually,
I went for a good power jog on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes
(I sounded like an asthmatic)

Then I had Ice Cream for Lunch…

You heard it. 

Actually I made my own yummy tasting stuff, 
with probably only a few calories more than my usual Slim-Fast shake. 
This is a lot more of a soft serve consistency, but here is the recipe.
HINT: I always keep some chopped up overripe bananas in my freezer 
for moments like this!

1 scoop of milk chocolate Slim-Fast
1 frozen large banana
unsweetened almond milk (I usually use 30-60 calorie variety)

Hand mixer with blender attachment
(or just use the good old food processor or blender, your choice)

Add the ingredients to the processor and some milk (depending on what consistency you want, you can add more milk for a more milk-shake style or less for a fro-yo style)

I could eat this for EVERY meal!
Blend till all ingredients are mixed together and enjoy!

It's easy and really hit my craving of ice cream without me feeling guilty and feeling like I broke my diet by eating too much (yeah yeah judge but admit it, if there is a pint…somehow that pint goes down in one sitting!)

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