Monday, April 14, 2014

The Right Left Turn

Yesterday marked the first real right choice I've made for myself in a long while; I turned left instead of going straight. For anyone reading this and thinking "um... What does this chick mean?!" Don't worry. Turning left means leaving the court I live on and making one lap around the street into a 2.8 mile brisk walk that I really feel this morning. I haven't done that in a long time. It means that I'm taking my goal seriously and getting into shape for realzies. I lost already 3.8 pounds, and look forward to actually trying to fit into some clothes. ( yep got bad enough that it was either lose the weight or trade in an entire wardrobe of stunning outfits.... First options seems a lil cheaper. Don't ya think?) 

Tomorrow I hope to weigh in again and let you know about my goals. Starting point, and what I'm using to kick start things. Until then... Good morning coffee. 

P.S. My google maps said the one way walk is 28 minutes long. I did it in 23 minutes. Take that google maps!!!!

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